Summer Jobs Connect is an ambitious initiative spearheaded by the Citi Foundation and the CFE Fund to support young adults seeking summer employment, enhancing these municipally-led programs by integrating structural linkages to safe and appropriate banking products, services, and education. In initiative’s fourth year, the CFE Fund worked with 16 city governments and their local Summer Youth Employment Program partners to provide additional job positions to local residents of predominantly low incomes between the ages of 14 and 24, as well as connect them to appropriate bank and credit union products and meaningful financial education. The CFE Fund is also providing technical assistance through a Summer Jobs Connect expansion grant to help additional cities integrate banking access and financial education into their Summer Youth Employment Programs.

Through the CFE Fund’s leadership, our city partner’s efforts and the Citi Foundation’s support of close to $24 million, including $5 million in 2018, Summer Jobs Connect has provided over 8,600 young people with summer work experience and connected financial empowerment services. Beyond a seasonal paycheck, Summer Jobs Connect positions early job experiences as entry points for lifelong success in the financial mainstream.

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