In this November 2023 press release, the CFE Fund announced the fourth cohort of Bank On Fellows, with funding from the Wells Fargo Foundation. The Wells Fargo Foundation’s investment will support six full-time Bank On Fellows for two years to help connect the more than 24 million people living outside of the U.S. financial system with safe, low-cost banking accounts.

This fourth cohort of Bank On Fellows includes: Bank On Arizona; Bank On CLE; Bank On Inland
SoCal; Kentucky Bank On Network; Bank On New Mexico; and Bank On Northeast Louisiana. They will
join a community of 100 local Bank On coalitions across the country, led by or working closely with local
government to expand access to financial products through payment and program opportunities
including unemployment insurance, workforce development programs, and more. This cohort includes
three statewide coalition leaders who will work to expand banking access across their entire states.

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