Key Takeaway

Citi Foundation and the CFE Fund will invest $5 million in a fourth year of Summer Jobs Connect.

This March 2017 press release details the Citi Foundation’s ongoing support; their $5 million investment will provide more than 2,400 low-income youth with summer jobs and access to financial education as part of Summer Jobs Connect in 2017. Since launching in 2014, the Citi Foundation has invested over $13 million in this initiative, which has provided nearly 6,200 low-income youth with summer work experience, access to financial education, and appropriate financial services, and builds these financial empowerment strategies into the infrastructure of the eight city partners’ Summer Youth Employment Programs. The announcement is part of the Citi Foundation’s global expansion of its Pathways to Progress initiative to invest $100 million to prepare 500,000 young people, ages 16-24, for today’s competitive job market.

Additional Takeaways

Funding will provide more than 2,400 low-income youth with summer jobs, and increase access to financial education through the SYEP.

The CFE Fund continues to support these eight cities’ programs and inform dozens of other cities as they similarly begin to infuse financial empowerment work into their programs.

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