Key Takeaway

Financial empowerment can be integrated into SYEPs through key program touchpoints.

The Summer Jobs Connect (SJC) initiative, generously supported by Citi Foundation, leverages the scale and infrastructure of Summer Youth Employment Programs (SYEPs) to offer banking access and other financial empowerment opportunities, helping to transform a summer job into an on-ramp to the financial mainstream.

This report details lessons learned from initial steps to integrate financial empowerment strategies into Summer Youth Employment Programs. Through developing and building new partnerships, taking advantage of important touchpoints throughout the program, and setting goals informed by youth capacities, SJC cities are beginning to build a blueprint for this new national SYEP model.

Additional Takeaways

Research showed that age, banking status, and parental guidance played important roles in banking and savings behaviors.

Cities built municipal agency partnerships, worked with financial institutions, and consulted partners for key data.

Application, enrollment, orientation, payroll and training are key moments to introduce financial empowerment strategies to SYEP participants.

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