Key Takeaway

The Bank On Fellowship program will provide leadership funding for two years and technical assistance to help build local coalition success.

In this April 2017 press release, the CFE Fund announced the Bank On Fellowship Program, generously funded by Wells Fargo. Through the program, the CFE Fund will provide match funding up to $45,000 per year for two years to as many as five Bank On coalitions to support a full-time Fellow to lead coalition’s activities. The CFE Fund will also provide intensive in-kind technical assistance support, training, and resources to the cohort of Fellows and host coalitions, and will assist the coalitions with additional fundraising for sustainability. Local coalitions can apply now through our online grant portal; watch the informational webinar, and read Frequently Asked Questions and their answers about the Fellowship opportunity.

Additional Takeaways

Dedicated and full-time staffing is a critical element of Bank On coalition success.

The Bank On Fellowship Program will build a multi-city cohort of successful Bank On program coordinator Fellows.

CFE Fund support will equip coalitions to make significant local banking access advancements and generate best practices for other Bank On coalitions across the country.

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