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CFE Fund and Wells Fargo Announce Second Cohort of Bank On Fellowship

This press release announced a $1 million grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation to double the size of the Bank On Fellowship Program, which funds a full-time Bank On coalition leader for two years to focus solely on improving banking access for residents.

CFE Coalition City Expert Topics: Launching an Office of Financial Empowerment

Across the country, many local leaders have launched Offices of Financial Empowerment (OFEs) or similar municipal offices that serve as a home for financial empowerment programming efforts.

Ten Cities Chosen to Receive Grant Award to Kickstart Municipal Financial Empowerment Efforts

Press release announcing the CityStart grantees selected to receive technical assistance for financial empowerment efforts

Supervitamin Quarterly, Issue 14

The CFE Fund's Supervitamin Quarterly newsletter provides regular updates about our work.

Programmatic Banking Access Integration Best Practices

Bank On Coalition Playbook chapter on the best practices for banking access integrations

Residents Reduce $100M in Debt Through FEC Counseling

Municipal Financial Empowerment Centers in 6 cities helped residents reduce debt; program is expanding to up to 50 local governments

Benefits of Bank On National Account Standard Certification: Handout

Bank On Coalition Playbook resource that highlights the benefits of offering Bank On certified accounts

Citi Foundation Supports Summer Jobs Connect with $5 Million

Press Release announcing the 5th year of the Summer Jobs Connect Initiative supported by the Citi Foundation

CFE Fund Comment Letters to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The CFE Fund submitted 12 Comment Letters to the CFPB about the need for meaningful consumer protection.

Supervitamin Quarterly, Issue 13

The CFE Fund's Supervitamin Quarterly newsletter provides regular updates about our work.