An Evaluation of Financial Empowerment Centers: Building People’s Financial Stability As a Public Service
This webinar highlights key findings and lessons learned from the three-year evaluation that draws on data from 22,000 clients who participated in 57,000 counseling sessions across 5 cities. Findings include best practices for program integration and sustainability, factors affecting the likelihood of achieving outcomes, and more.

Watch the webinar here. View the presentation here.

Webinar Series: 15 Minutes of FEC

15 Minutes of FEC: Partnerships and Integrations
This webinar highlights evaluation findings on how the FEC model’s partnership and integration process worked in the five replication cities, as well as strategies used for client retention.

Watch the webinar here. View the presentation here. Read a brief on partnerships and integrations in the FEC model.

15 Minutes of FEC: Client Achievement
This webinar provides a snapshot of FEC clients and the counseling outcomes they achieved. It also highlights factors that made clients more or less likely to achieve outcomes, ranging from banking status to types of debt clients held.

Watch the webinar here. View the presentation here. Read a brief on FEC clients and what they achieved.

15 Minutes of FEC: Banking Status
Banking status mattered for FEC clients’ success. This webinar describes unbanked clients and what they achieved during counseling, banking outcomes for all FEC clients, and why products matter for programs seeking to improve banking access.

Watch the webinar here. View the presentation here. Read a brief on banking status and FEC clients.

15 Minutes of FEC: The Counseling Model
At the core of the FEC model is the relationship between the counselor and the client, which is critical to client engagement and outcome achievement. This webinar provides an overview of the FEC model’s counselor training requirements and approach, the counseling process, as well as how the relationship between FEC counselors and clients reinforced success.

Watch the webinar here. View the presentation here. Read a brief on the FEC financial counseling model.

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