Key Takeaway

Summer Jobs Connect launched in 5 cities.

The Summer Jobs Connect (SJC) initiative, generously supported by Citi Foundation, leverages the scale and infrastructure of Summer Youth Employment Programs (SYEPs) to offer banking access and other financial empowerment opportunities, helping to transform a summer job into an on-ramp to the financial mainstream.

This July 2014 press release announces the launch of Summer Jobs Connect in five cities at the CFE Coalition Forum in Los Angeles. At the meeting, Coalition members discussed ways that US cities could promote financial inclusion, with a focus on teens and young adults. In addition, members of the Cities and Communities Working Group of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability of Young Americans attended the Coalition meeting. The Council was formed in 2013 to advise the President on ways to provide young people with financial knowledge and skills at an early age so that they can make wise decisions concerning their future financial stability.

Additional Takeaways

Summer jobs can be a first step to a strong financial future.

Cities can promote banking access through Summer Youth Employment Programs.

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