Louisville has a population of 253,128, and is the largest city in the State of Kentucky and the 30th largest city in the country. The CFE Fund has been working since 2012 with the City of Louisville, currently led by Mayor Craig Greenberg.

Louisville, KY is a member of the CFE Coalition

Projects in Louisville, KY

Bank On

The CFE Fund’s national Bank On platform supports local coalition and financial institution efforts to connect consumers to safe, affordable bank accounts.

Financial Empowerment Center Replication Initiative

Professional, one-on-one, municipally-led, free financial counseling, embedded into government social services.

Financial Navigators

Thank you to our many municipal and funding partners for making this pandemic-era program such a bold and nimble success. Across 31 cities and counties, trained navigators helped thousands of residents identify and then access public resources targeted to address their individual needs.