Programmatic Banking Access Integration Best Practices

Chapter 10 of the Bank On Coalition Playbook, Programmatic Banking Access Integration Best Practicesoutlines the role that Bank On coalitions play in helping develop banking access program integrations.

The CFE Fund’s Bank On Coalition Playbook provides tools and resources that local coalitions can use to do their work more effectively. To learn more, read the full Bank On Coalition Playbook here.

Supervitamin Quarterly, Issue 7

This issue, Issue 7, provides a number of Bank On updates, including the launch of the Bank On National Account Standards, the announcement of the Bank On Capacity Grant Fund, and updates on critical support from Bank On partners, both regulators and financial institution. The issue also includes a new report, jointly authored by the CFE Fund and the National Consumer Law Center, on the effect of account screening consumer reporting agencies on banking access; a series of briefs from the Summer Jobs Connect initiative; an update on the work of the Next Generation Municipal Financial Empowerment awards; and evaluation findings and resources related to SaveUSA, a tax-time matched savings program. Finally, the issue includes a guest column from Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Chairman Martin Gruenberg on Bank On and the importance of access to banking efforts.

Account Screening Consumer Reporting Agencies: A Banking Access Perspective

The CFE Fund and the National Consumer Law Center co-wrote this report, outlining the tremendous and deeply flawed role that account screening consumer reporting agencies (“CRAs”) play in determining whether consumers can obtain a bank or credit union account. The report raises concerns about these companies and financial institutions’ use of their reports, and offers solutions both for industry leaders and regulators.