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With support from the CFE Fund, the Cities for Financial Empowerment Coalition (CFE Coalition) brings together pioneering municipal governments from across the country that have begun to use their power and positions to advance innovative financial empowerment initiatives. Its 15 member cities representing almost 22 million people have made tangible, measurable commitments to supporting financial empowerment programming, and both teach and learn from one another. The CFE Coalition also leverages its members’ collective power to advance the financial empowerment agenda on a state and national level, including through advocating for key policy priorities. Founded by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, the CFE Coalition is currently chaired by San Francisco and Miami.

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Coalition Impact

CFE Fund Comment Letters to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The CFE Fund submitted 12 Comment Letters to the CFPB about the need for meaningful consumer protection.

CFE Coalition CFPB Comment Letter on Payday Loans

The 15-member CFE Coalition has weighed in on key federal policy issues since its founding in 2008. In this 2016 letter, the Coalition highlights how programmatic experience has shown members the devastating impacts that predatory lending can have on residents.

Supervitamin Quarterly, Issue 8

This issue, Issue 8, provides an update on the Next Generation Municipal Financial Empowerment awards; a brief on financial empowerment’s role in positive youth development from our Summer Jobs Connect initiative; and an announcement of a Request for Expressions of Interest for organizations to serve as a long-term partner to evaluate financial institution products for Bank On National Account Standards consistency.

CFE Coalition 2016 Policy Agenda: Policy Priorities and Recommended Agenda Items

The 15-member CFE Coalition has weighed in on key federal policy issues since its founding in 2008. In 2016, the CFE Coalition released its 2016 Policy Agenda, outlining the legislative and regulatory reforms it seeks to advance.